Minister Akar Inspected Border Units in Şırnak

Minister of National Defence Hulusi Akar went to Şırnak on 01 February 2019 at the evening hours where he was accompanied by the Land Forces Commander General Ümit Dündar. Minister Akar was welcomed by the Governor Mehmet Aktaş, Acting Commander of the 2nd Army  Lt.Gen. Sinan Yayla and the other senior officials at Şerafettin Elçi Airport and soon after he went to Silopi.

Minister Akar, who conducts inspections and examinations at the Martyr Major Ercüment Türkmen Barracks, received briefing at the operation center  and gave his instructions  to unit commanders in the region. Minister Akar and General Dündar met with the commandos at zero point of the border.

Minister Akar, stating that the studies are going on to maintain the sovereignity and independency and protect  the land territories , rights and benefits of the country and also emphasied that the preparations were completed and the activities will be performed in due course. Minister Akar said that we achieved today’s level with a great sacrifice regardless of the weather conditions . Each of the studies conducted so far were written in letters of gold in history and in minds of our nation.

Minister Akar , pointing out the serious uncertainties and instabilities around Turkey ,also said that

 “ We have to make our preparations in the best possible way as all units of the Government of Turkish Republic in order not to face any thing unexpected.”

Minister Akar stated that we had  very difficult  period during our struggle with terror and achieved significant success as it was in the past and emphasized that we have been maintaining the new phase with great determination commenced on 24 July 2015. Minister Akar reminding the success  achieved during Çukur operations, Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch Operation stated that Turkish Armed Forces penetrated into the areas where terrorists described as “inaccessible” and “impenetrable” and cleared those regions and their caves from traitors.

Minister Akar also said that “We cleared our country from terrorists to a great extent in the Eastern Anatolia and Southeast Anatolia of Turkey “ . Some of those terrorists escaped to the northern part of Iraq and some to the north of Syria.  Some of  them changed their names some changed their surnames. Some of them were named as YPG some were named as PYD under various names but we all know very well that the essence of the matter is the terrorist PKK.  Our struggle here is on the one hand  with FETÖ on the other hand with PKK and its terrorist members called with different names and with DAESH.  We will continue our struggle .

While doing this, Minister Akar, who draws attention to the point that Mehmetçik (Turkish soldiers) tells terrorists apart  from innocent citizens in the best way and and did not harm the environment, history and religious structures, also said that “ We purely and simply fought with terrorists and will continue to do so. The aim of our studies that we conducted is terrrorists. Terrorists who pose a threat and danger for our country, nation and borders. We will continue to struggle with them untill they are neutralized. Ethnic, religious and secterian differences are out of the question. We don’t have any problem with our Kurdish brothers.  Our target is only the terrorists no matter where they are, even in our country even in Syria even in Iraq. We are making every endeavour to neutralize the terrorists. I hope we will neutralize the last terrorist and provide the security of our borders and country together.”

Minister Akar also said that the greatest achievement for the actvities to reach success belongs to our veterans and martyrs. “Our martyrs and veterans displayed a great heroism and sacrifice. They are the real owners of the achievements. As Turkish Armed Forces we took our martyrs’ and veterans’ revenge and will continue to do so in future. No one should doubt on that.”

Stating that they will continue the operations against terror targets in the eastern part of Manbij and Euphrates , Minister Akar added: “Our activities are still going on at some various levels especially the United States of America and Russia, and he also reminded that a delegation from the Ministry of National Defence went to Russia to hold official talks.”  Minister Akar also added:

“ During the activities, US top officials came to Turkey and delegations from our side also paid visits. In addition to this, we are conducting collaborative works. In the wake of all these visits paid mutually, we are following with a great satisfaction to see that the Parties are becoming closer not only to demands of Turkish Armed Forces but also to thesis of Turkey. We have respect for the territorial and political integrity of all our neighbours mainly Syria and Iraq. Everyone should know that we are only fighting with terrorists. In the previous days, terrorists attempted provocation in Suri base district. They irritated and provoked the people in this district and mingled  with the crowd wearing civilian clothes, in some way they attempted attack to our base district.  This provocation was prevented owing to the patient, strong and wise behaviours of our soldiers. We all know that this kind of attempts are useless attempts. It is very clear that, terrorists will get nowhere with this kind of attempts. We  prevented this kind of attacks and attempts in the past  and will  continue to do so in the future as well. We are very pleased and satisfied from the stance and measures  taken by Erbil Administration during and after  the incidents experienced in the region. Our struggle against terrorists will continue from now on. There is no rest for the weary. We will go to any lengths during our struggle. We will never let any fait accompli.”

Minister Akar also said that the leaders of terror groups are at a loose end everyone should comprehend this fact. Turkish Armed Forces shall completely neutralize this terror organisation. “We are making effort to provide peace and stability for our country and people. On the other hand, while acting with the aim of  clearing  the terrorists, who are especially located  in Syria, from the region we will also provide our Syrian brothers to return their countries and homes as soon as possible  in peace and safety.”

Emphasizing the intense practice of operational and intelligence related matters in the field and utilization of the most advanced tools and equipment which are all domestic production as well as ongoing diverse international contacts, “As a consequence of these, we fortunately continue our existence both in the field and on the table, diplomatically. Hence, we find the chance of defending and protecting the rights and law of our country and our noble nation,” said Minister Akar.

Minister Akar and General Dündar left the region after the inspections and examinations.


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