Afghanistan visit of Hulusi Akar, Minister of National Defense

Hulusi Akar, Minister of National Defense went to Kabul, capital of Afghanistan, following his official visits to Qatar and Pakistan. He is welcomed by Oğuzhan Ertuğrul, Ambassador of Turkey in Kabul and by other Turkish and Afghan officials at the Hamid Karzai Airport, and first conducted some inspections at the Turkish Task Force Command in Afghanistan.


After the briefing he received about ongoing activities, Minister Akar gathered up with the command staff to have lunch. Congratulating the staff who represents Turkey proudly with the significant and successful duties they perform, Akar noted that there has been substantial developments around Turkey and that they are changing rapidly each passing day. “We, as the State of Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Armed Forces, today as it was yesterday, do our duties night and day with great decisiveness and determination so as to accomplish the tasks assigned to us duly and precisely, to provide maintenance of our sovereignty and independence as well as to preserve and protect the rights of our country and nation arising from international law,” Akar said, expressing the close follow up of the developments. 


“Security of 81 million people is what matters for us. No single discrimination, discrepancy or segregation can come into question,” Akar said, indicating perpetual fulfillment of the tasks by the Turkish Armed Forces on one hand at 780 thousand per square kilometer homeland, and on the other hand at 462 thousand per square kilometer blue hometown.


Minister Akar stated that the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) is on duty and at the service of its nation pursuant to the Constitution and in line with the laws as a whole, as was before, under the new structure of the Ministry of National Defense, and that the fight against FETO, PKK/YPG/PYD and ISIS is proceeding unceasingly and shall continue till the last terrorist is neutralized.


“Unlike any other army and country, our members of Armed Forces have paid the utmost attention and displayed maximum sensitivity on planning and implementation of the operations so as not to harm any civilian, innocent people and the environment. You can compare the post operation photos of Mosul, Aleppo, eastern Ghouta and Raqqa with Afrin,” Akar said, reminding the successful accomplishment of the Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch Operations.


Putting emphasis on presence of the terrorist organization in Northern Iraq, “We are negotiating it with Baghdad and talking with our Iraqi brothers there and repeatedly telling them that we are open to cooperating with them to conduct a joint operation. Besides, presence of these dastards who came from the north of Iraq and killed our security forces, murdered our people there is a fact. We tell them that as long as they stay there our operations shall continue in Northern Iraq. Our operations shall continue,” Akar said.   


Reminding the air operation launched against the terrorist targets at Sincar and Mount Karacak districts, “there was a rumor that the terrorists would transfer to Sincar and establish a new Qandil there. There is no way for this to come true. It is out of question for us to allow them establish a second Qandil at Sincar just as we do not allow the terror corridor in the north of Syria, on no account, Akar said.


Minister Akar also pointed out protection of our rights and interests at 462 thousand per square kilometer blue hometown and stated that “there is no hesitation about it, and it is out of question to make any concessions on our rights under any circumstances,” and continued as follows:


“We frequently expressed that we shall not allow and tolerate any fait accompli in Aegean, Mediterranean and Cyprus against the Turkish Republic and TRNC, and that any resolution, any precaution that is rejected and uninvolved by the Turkish Republic and TRNC shall have no validity and right to exist. We are in favor of good neighborhood relations, peace, friendship and cooperation. We support local people to live in peace, tranquility and welfare, however, except this; everyone should know and listen to reason that we shall never compromise our rights, any way at all. Everyone should keep away from provocations otherwise it can cost them dear. We have got every action and precaution in this respect. We shall thoroughly do whatever it takes to protect the rights and law of our country and nation, when the time comes. And it should be comprehended by everyone that any provocation taking place at the districts close to our coasts, in Aegean, Mediterranean and Cyprus shall remain inconclusive and ineffective, and no miscalculation should be made on this issue and no conclusion can be reached and achieved in this manner. Everyone should pull themselves together and should not look for an adventure. These are our most sincere and serious advices to our addressees. Hence, it is no use for anyone to increase the tension. I, once again, would like to express that it shall be in favor of our countries to keep away from tension in Aegean and Mediterranean.


After gathering with some foreign officers in charge in Kabul, Minister Akar visited Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan. He is welcomed with military ceremony there and then met with Tariq Shah Bahrami, the Afghan Defense Minister. Subsequent to this meeting Akar paid a visit to the Presidency to meet with Muhammad Ashraf Ghani, the Afghan President. Minister Akar had a meeting with Rashid Dostum, the First Vice President of Afghanistan, too.



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