Inspections and supervisions conducted by Minister Akar at the Qatari-Turkish Combined Joint Force Command

Akar conducted some inspections and supervisions at the Qatari-Turkish Combined Joint Force Command during his visit to Doha to attend the Qatar National Day. He is welcomed with ceremony at the quarter and addressed the personnel.


“We shall hereinafter further the works together with our Qatari brothers by progressing jointly,” Akar said, emphasizing the significant contributions made to unity, solidarity and stability of Qatar, which he described as a friendly and brother nation.


Putting special emphasis on the utmost serious challenges surrounding Turkey and the close follow-up that they perform concomitantly, Akar stated that “we did, are doing and shall keep on doing both yesterday and today and tomorrow anything we should do for unity, solidarity, freedom, sovereignty, welfare, peace and stability of our country”.


Minister Akar indicated that “the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) is on duty and at the service of its nation pursuant to the Constitution and in line with the laws as a whole, as was before, under the new structure of the Ministry of National Defense”.   


Akar mentioned that they took and are still continuing to take every measure to eliminate the terror nuisance that has haunted the country for years and said that “hopefully we shall recover our country and nation from terror in the near future. We are decisive and determined to do so to the maximum extent possible.”


Remarking the successful accomplishment of Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch Operations, “TAF has been observer of peace and tranquility at 12 observation points established to provide peace and tranquility in Idlib, and still carrying on the task” said Akar.  


Akar also stated that all these operations have been fulfilled without harming the human rights, international law, national, moral and professional values, innocent people and environment and added that: “Unlike any other country, our members of Armed Forces have paid the utmost attention both on planning and implementation of the operations. And now we have Minbic and east of the Euphrates ahead. We intensely work on this issue as well and closely follow the events taking place. Units and bodies of the Republic of Turkey tasked with the operation and intelligence are doing their best and working night and day to fulfill their task in the best way. It is being reported that some holes and tunnels are being dug in the east of Euphrates, and we say that they will be buried in these holes in due course no matter what they dig and how deep they go under the soil. No one should doubt it.”


Minister Akar, drawing attention to the existence of PKK terrorist organization in the north of Iraq said that “in this regard, an air operation was carried out both in Sinjar and Mount Karacak regions. The issue of not harming the civilians under any circumstances was again on our agenda and every single measure was taken in this regard, and thank God the terrorists were neutralized without harming any civilian, innocent person.”


Akar, emphasizing the constant follow up on the existence of terrorists in Northern Iraq, stated that: “we, on every occasion, cited and shall keep on citing to our counterparts that we shall do our best to put an end to these terrorist activities and that collaboration of the Iraqi State as well as of the Iraqi Armed Forces is crucial. On the other hand, another issue that should be known by everyone is that Sinjar shall never be a second Qandil. We did what we can do and shall keep doing and shall never allow it.”  


Stating the ongoing actions to protect and preserve the rights arising from international law and agreements not only at home and at the borders but in Aegean, Mediterranean and Cyprus, as well, Akar indicated that we tried our utmost to protect our rights in the “Blue Hometown”, too, and we shall go ahead with it.    


“At this place it is strictly out of question to make any concessions on the rights of our country and nation,” Akar said. Referring to the fact that we are standing with good neighborhood relations, peace, friendship and cooperation. “Yet, it is quite out of question to step back from rights of our nation, TRNC and Turkish Republic in Aegean, Mediterranean and Cyprus. We have taken every possible measure for protection of the rights of our country and nation and we shall keep it up. We did not and shall not tolerate any fait accompli policy. We also have been declaring to everyone that, a resolution that is rejected and uninvolved by the Turkish Republic and TRNC has no right to exist,” Akar added.


After the end of his speech, Akar conversed with the attendant unit staff one by one and received a briefing from the Commanding Officer on the activities that are being conducted. 


Minister Akar is accompanied by Fikret Özer, Ambassador of Turkey in Doha, during his visit.


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