Readout of Minister Akar's meeting with US Special Envoy for Syria James Jeffrey

Minister of National Defence Hulusi Akar met with the US Special Representative to Syria, Ambassador James Jeffrey. During the meeting recent developments in Syria, especially the establishment of a safe zone in the east of the Euphrates river and the fight against DAESH were discussed.

Minister Akar told Ambassador Jeffrey that:

-The safe zone in the east of the Euphrates river should be established by Turkey and the United States in a coordinated manner, 
-Elements of the PKK / YPG terrorist group should be cleared from this area, their entrenchments and fortifications should be destroyed and heavy weapons in their hands should be collected, 
-Right conditions should be created for return of our Syrian brothers and sisters to their homes, 
-Turkey’s fight is not against our Kurdish and Arab brothers and members of other ethnic / religious groups but only against the terrorists of DAESH and PKK/YPG, 
-Turkey feels irritated by high level military and civilian US authorities’ meetings with leaders of PKK-YPG terror organization in Syria

It was also agreed at the meeting that the military delegations of both countries would continue their joint work on the establishment of the Safe Zone starting tomorrow at the Ministry of Defense in Ankara.



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