Turkish Navy Launched DENİZKURDU-2019 Exercise

DENİZKURDU- 2019 Exercise which is one of the largest exercises conducted by the Turkish Naval Forces Command started simultaneously in the Black Sea, Aegean Sea and Mediterranean surrounding Anatolia.

The aim of the exercise to be executed as live-fire; is to increase the operational readiness level of the units, vessel and sea air vehicles subsidiary to the Naval Forces Command.

110 vessels from Naval Forces Command, maritime patrol aircrafts, naval helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, amphibious marine corps, amphibious attack units, special boat squadron, underwater defence task team and naval beach units ;

Utility and attack helicopters from Land Forces Command 

Tactical air support to the naval operation from the Air Forces Command, Airborne Warning and Control aircrafts and transport aircrafts

Special Forces Command components and

In total 131 vessels, 57 aircrafts and 33 helicopters and almost 25.900 personnel mainly Search and Rescue Corvettes from the Coast Guard Command, Coast Guard Boats, Patrol Aircrafts and Coast Guard Helicopters have been attending the exercise.

At the stages of the exercise while struggling with especially the crisis management and natural disasters, methods and principles of the coordination among the institutions to be  tested with the participation of the relevant public institutions, “Multi-National Maritime Security Center of Excellence” and the universities, subsidiary to our Naval Forces Command, of which their NATO accreditation process are still going on, has been providing contribution and support to the exercise scenario.

The exercise is carried out by the Exercise Control Center which will be established at the Naval War Center Command established in 2018 has also conducted the Blue-Homeland-2019.

While the units and vessels are leaving from the Blacksea Ereğli ,Umuryeri, Gölcük, Erdek, Foça, Aksaz, Mersin and İskenderun, operational readiness activities in the exercise , maritime operation tasks, the training on crisis and war time and actual gunshots will be performed..

In addition to this, education for prevention against Chemical/Biologic/Radiologic/Nuclear Strike will be executed as well as defending the base/harbours regarding the task functions by the whole naval beach units subsidiary to Naval Forces Command, recovering the natural disaster , responding to the forest fire and  providing logistic and technical support.


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