Examination and Inspections Conducted by Minister of National Defence Hulusi Akar at 1. Main Maintenance Factory

Minister of National Defence Hulusi Akar, Chief of General Staff General Yaşar Güler, Land Forces Commander General Ümit Dündar, Deputy Minister of National Defence Muhsin Dere and the other senior officials conducted examination and inspections at the 1. Main Maintenance Factory Directorate located in Arifiye.

Minister Akar ,who was given a briefing about the activities by the Factory Manager Colonel Ferit Yüksel, and those accompanying him had a dixy-lunch together with the workers at the mess hall.

After the lunch, Minister Akar, who addresses the workers, started his speech  by congratulating them because of their significant contributions.

Minister Akar expressed his belief that the workers shall provide contributions not just to the country but also the Turkish Armed Forces as it was yesterday today will also continue to do so with the same determination and resolution as well as mentioning the achieved indigenous and national ratio 68% in defence industry . Minister Akar also said that Sakarya region shall be the center of defence industry , and the decision relevant to this issue was taken. The initial concrete example of this can be considered as the ground breaking ceremony launched by the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Karasu.

Minister Akar emphasized the importance of integrating the public experience with private sector going beyond the ordinary on achieving the certain goals. He also added that this was a strategic preference. Turkey should get benefit from the speed of the private sector in order to keep up with the improvements on defence industry and also said that:

 “The Presidential decree was issued on 19 December and the activities were initiated in the framework of the decree. We cane name this as the transfer of operational rights. Selling of the factory is out of the question. We are not doing this. We aim to raise the productivity of the factory,  increase its technologic speed, strengthen the factory and  become capable to make production at strategic level and to benefit from the technological potentials both at home and abroad to the full extent and speed. Factory land, all kind of real assets in the land and property of all kind of equipments shall belong to the state. What we are actually trying to do here is the transfer of the operational rights. The company which will take over the entity has to protect the abilities of the factory within this period. The company will not only protect the current abilities of the factory but also provide new abilities to the factory. All these will be conducted by the relevant company which is under the control of the Ministry of National Defence. Taking the advantage of the dynamism and connections of the private sector, the products manufactured at the company will be procured by friendly and allied countries. We will never take steps backward on R&D on the contrary, we will go forward by making further investment in this sense.”


In addition to this, Minister Akar stated that “Nothing will be secret and hidden, everything will be transparent and clear.”

He also added that, great efforts of the workers are very precious. “There will be no regression on personal rights. We are the defender of this and will be advocating in this regard. We will do our best about what we need to do on this issue being in coordination with everyone. We will not close our eyes to any kind of loss.”

Minister Akar stated that they will follow the process and said that: “No one should doubt that we will display the necessary sensitivity on this as the Minister of National Defence and Ministry of National Defence. This is one of our top priorities.” We will talk to everybody and listen them during this transition period. We will take every precaution that nobody should come up against any unjust treatment. We gave directions to our workmates.”

Minister Akar emphasized that significant progress were made during our struggle against terrorism and he also added the counter-terrorism operations will continue resoluteley both at home and cross-border. 


Minister Akar stated that they will never let a terror corridor to be formed in any way in the north of Syria and Iraq and in the South of Turkey. If there is someone who dream this they should give up their dreams.We will never allow this to happen. There isn’t a ghost of a chance. What would you do? We die. We started out to achieve our aim. “We will be martyr if we die, we will be veteran if we live”. No matter where we give our struggle even in the north of Syria and Iraq or in the east or southeast of our country. We will continue to struggle against terrorism untill the last terrorist is neutralized. I hope that we will carry out our works with our people in a body and we will get rid of this terror trouble. Minister Akar and those accompanying him visited Sakarya Governorship.



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