Date : 12/31/2018


Surrounded by increased regional and global risks and threats, all units and branches of Ministry of National Defense, foremost the Turkish Armed Forces, have carried out significant and valuable work in 2018 in order to contribute to national and regional security and world peace. We served both at home and in many parts of the world ranging from Afghanistan to Bosnia, Kosovo to Somalia.

Of significant note, I would like to stress that our soldiers were the only army in the world to fight ISIS terrorists hand to hand in the field in Syria. In addition to FETO terror network, we were involved in tough fight against other terrorist organizations such as PKK and its Syrian extension PYD/YPG to secure our borders and prevent the establishment of a terror corridor along our border.

During execution of our successful operations, we have targeted only the terrorists and their trenches, vehicles, and buildings. We have paid the utmost attention, more than any other nation, in order to protect civilian and innocent people, religious and cultural structures, historical and archeological sites and public infrastructure at the expense of delaying our operations. 

Our efforts have also prevented humanitarian disasters by establishing peace, security, and stability in the region.

With these significant developments taking place in our region and in the world, I wish peace, prosperity, and happiness in the New Year for our nation, allies, partners, friends and all humanity.