Date : 10/28/2018


Dear Colleagues and Comrades in Arms,


Today, under the leadership of Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, we experience the pride and excitement of celebrating the 95th Anniversary of our Republic established thanks to the heroism and self-sacrifice of our noble nation despite all the negativities.


Noble Turkish nation; gained a great victory making an epic effort for the sake of its homeland,flag, national and sipiritual values during our National Struggle which was initiated with the motto “Either freedom or death” in 1919 against the great Powers who attempt to occupy our sacred homeland and this victory was came to a climax with the declaration.


Depending on the geopolitical importance of the geography its located,  our young Republic put up its fight undauntedly against these difficulties based on the principle “Sovereignity belongs unconditionally to the people”and has never been away from its target ‘’ to come up the level of contemporary civilization’’.


As was yesterday, today our noble nation standing shoulder to shoulder all together in good times and in bad times has once again proved to the world that  the difficulties faced can be overcome thanks to our solidarity and unity by protecting our independency,freedom and democracy especially during  July 15 heinous failed coup attempt against our freedom and future.


Living in this unity and solidarity, our noble nation, providing its moral and material support all the time and having an endless confidence in our gallant army during counter-terrorism operations conducted at home and abroad, has demonstrated the best example of an understanding between “army-nation “ .


Turkish Armed Forces, with the strength they get from the love and confidence of its noble nation, continues its struggle with resolution and determination to fight against all kind of threats and dangers mainly terror organisations such as FETÖ,PKK/KCK/PYD-YPG AND DAESH adopting the understanding of “If I die I will be martyr. If I survive I will be veteran.”This fight shall continue uninterruptedly at home and cross border until the last terrorist is destroyed.


We will never allow any fait accompli and any step to be taken “against Turkey” in our region including the violation of rights and interests rising from the international agreements in our “Blue Homeland” territorial waters and air space , the terror corridor which is required to be formed in our borders and also any kind of formation threatening the solidarity and unity of our country.


The Republic of Turkey believes the importance of solving the problems with peaceful, lasting and fair methods remaining indifferent not just to the griefs suffered by the people but also the tension and conflicts emerged in her own region. Our country, that fulfills its obligations throughout history in this respect, has been continuing to be the source of hope for the oppressed and downtrodden nations in a way of befitting to our ancestors thanks to her devotion to humanitarian values and strong democracy.


I wholeheartedly believe that we will reach our targets for 2023 advancing with stable steps to the 100th anniversary of our Republic within unity,solidarity and brotherhood.


With this feelings and thoughts, I once again remember the founder of our Republic, which will be “everlasting forever”, Ghazi Mustafa Kemal and his comrades in arms, our hero veterans and all our members with respect and gratitude who passed into eternal life and our Saint martyrs who gave their lives for the sovereignty and independency of our noble nation and would like to express my respect and gratitude to the esteemed family members of our martyrs and veterans and to our hero veterans who are alive.


I once again would like congratulate the Republic Day of our noble nation and members of the Ministry of National Defence with my best regards and wish health, happiness and peace.