Date : 9/26/2018


Esteemed Colleagues and Comrades in Arms, Heroic Sailors


Today, we are honored and excited of celebrating “ Naval Forces Day” of our heroic sailors and the 480th anniversary of “Preveze Naval Victory” which is one of the most important naval warfares not just in the world history but also the biggest victory of Turkish naval history.


Owing to this victory won by the glorious Turkish navy under the command of Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha on 27 September 1538, the success of Turkish sailors has been written in letters of gold in the exceptional pages of history. With this victory which is one of the most concrete signs of our ability to raise a sailor, our warrior soul and distinguished courage, the Mediterranean has become a Turkish lake while the Turkish Navy gained hegemony in the Mediterranean. At the same time, the skills of Turkish sailors in the field of maritime were demonstrated to the whole world, in addition to this, maritime commerce was improved by providing the security in the Mediterranean.


Getting inspired by the success of our well known sailors such as Piri Reis, Ali Macar Reis and great Admirals such as Emir Çaka Bey, Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha and Kılıç (Grand Admiral)Ali Pasha, who make their mark in the world naval history, Turkish Naval Forces, has been continuing its existence being an effective, deterrent and reputable power.


Turkish Naval Forces, which is one of the fundamental elements of our Glorious Turkish Armed Forces, has been providing contribution not just to the world peace assumed from Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean but also preserving our rights and benefits in our seas named as  “Blue Homeland” together with their heroic staff working under the principles of seriousness, sincerity, dialogue and co-ordination regardless of hard working hours.


In his speech, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk clearly expressed the importance of the sea and maritime regarding the future of the nations by saying “Turkey which is surrounded on three sides by the sea and occupying the best geographical position, has the ability to raise maritime nation with her industry, trade and sport. We should know how to get benefit from this ability; think this maritime concept as the great ideal of Turkish nation and accomplish this ability in a short span of time.”


    In this regard, we consider this as an obligation to have a modern naval force concerning the protection of our rights and benefits in our territorial waters and provide the security of our country surrounded on three sides by the sea. Our priority target is to enhance the capability of our Naval Forces and to manufacture the future-oriented modern naval warfare weapons and equipments by taking the advantage of our indigenous and national industry. MILGEM and the similar indigenous and national projects that was carried out in this scope shall provide significant contributions not only to the efficiency of our Naval Forces but also to our defence industry.


Having one of the strongest navies in our region, Turkish Naval Forces, with its qualified personnel, warfare weapons and equipments, information technology, firepower and precise shooting ability which is compatible with 21th century combat conception, has been fulfilling her duties with an outstanding success by waving our glorious and honorable flag in various seas of the world and also going on to be the source of pride of our noble nation and provide significant contributions to the prestige of our Armed Forces.


On the occassion of this historic day, I once again remember Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his comrades in arms, Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha, the Chief Admiral of Preveze Victory,  our beloved martyrs and heroic veterans passing away to eternal rest with mercy and gratitude. I also express my gratitude and pay my respects to our veterans alive.

Mainly the Naval Forces Commander Admiral Adnan ÖZBAL, I congratulate all self-sacrificing members of our Naval Forces who make great effort for helping our Naval Forces reach today’s level and their esteemed family members provided support to them all the time.I wish them success and health.


The Heroic Turkish Sailors,


Let Your Seas Be Peaceful, May God Speed and Save You and May You Be Fortunate!