Date : 9/28/2018


Esteemed Personnel and Participants of National Defence University,and Dear Students;


I wish you the best of luck for 2018-2019 Academic Year of the National Defence University which is the most important source of staff procurement of Turkish Armed Forces of which its history is full of glory and pride.


During this critical period in which we have been going through both at regional and global level, Turkey is faced with multi-national threats and hazards because of the deteriorated security environment and conflicts emerged in our nearby geography besides the activities of terror organizations such as FETÖ,PKK/KCK/PYD-YPG and DEAŞ.


It is an inevitable necessity for Turkey to have an efficient, deterrent and respected army located in the center of these threats and hazards because of her geostrategic position.


Therefore, the requirement for maintaining such an Armed Forces, having the capability to carry out all kinds of operation in different geographies equipped with modern warfare weapons, tools and equipments and raising leader personnel who will serve under the chain of command has become more important today than ever. National Defence University which was organized in order to meet this requirement assume very important tasks in this regard.


In this framework our target for education and training, as in line with the quote of Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk stating “Our army is a community with high moral values, sharing the same goals with the Turkish nation and comprising of its own and faithful children each member of which, particularly the officers and commanders, has well-acknowledged the requirements of civilization and technology”, is:


To train personnel


who are guided by wisdom and science,


who are advanced in observation, judgment and execution skills, able to exercise their authority with  courage based on reasoning, and who have initiative and responsibility and who always question,


who acquired graveness, sincerity, dialogue and work in coordination,


who does not waste the capabilities and resources provided by the noble Turkish nation,


who have a warrior spirit and superior physical strength, and


who are rigged with the current knowledge and skills of the era.


In achieving our targets, the priorities and methods should be defined precisely and the process of education should be performed in a modest, low-key, goal-oriented, plain and realistic way. At the same time, the institutional sense of belonging and possession should be raised by enhancing the spirit of unity and solidarity in the military atmosphere that is to say in a disciplinary environment, and it should be kept in mind that social and professional success can only be obtained by a well-disciplined way of life.  


Training and education programs should constantly be regulated and developed with a proactive approach that is student-centered, giving priority to individual and professional development and that can keep up with every single change.


I wholeheartedly believe that our participants, military students and students, who receive academic education at our institutes, war institutes, war colleges and vocational schools conducting their activites under the roof of National Defence University, shall be trained by taking account of the national and moral values as well as having the love of country,nation,flag and occupation in a way to struggle against all kind of threats and hazards with a great determination and resolution for the sake of the sovereignity and independency of our noble nation in line with the principles of the integrity and security of our sacred homeland.


Our participants and students, shall assume important tasks in every field to provide international peace and security and protect rights and interests of the Government of the Republic of Turkey starting from our seas named as “Blue Homeland” to open skies, and from the borders surrounding the homeland to the international platforms as the commanders and leaders of 21st century with the education they received in this glorious nest which is the house of knowledge and wisdom.


To this end, the greatest duty belongs to personnel of National Defence University at every level, mainly to our instructors. Our academic staff shall further strengthen the Turkish Armed Forces by developing both theirselves and our students. I thank you in advance for the efforts and devoted works you will display so as to be worthy of our noble nation’s trust, with reference to the phrase stating “The utmost appreciation is to be trusted, and the greatest success is to be trustworthy”, and wish that the new academic year will be beneficial and fortunate for all of us.


I once again would like to take this opportunity to remember Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his comrades in arms ,our beloved martyrs who give their lives not only for the sovereignity and independency of our noble nation but also the inseperable integrity of our country and our heroic veterans passed away to eternal rest with mercy and gratitude and pay my respects to our veterans alive.