Date : 11/23/2018


I wholeheartedly congratulate our dignified teachers on this significant day as members of our education army and symbol of hard work, patience and tolerance while we remember our Head Teacher Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk with mercy and gratitude on 90th anniversary of his being entitled as the “Head Teacher of Nation Schools”, in 1928.   

Our country is taking firm steps towards future with its deep-rooted history, young and dynamic population, developing economy and strong democracy. Education is the most important element in construction of our future on a sound basis. And no doubt teachers are one of the most fundamental elements of education system.

Our teachers assume significant roles in raising young generations who are self-confident individuals having necessities of the time, working determinedly for their country, researching and questioning consistently and committed to their moral and national values as guaranty of our future.  

Our teachers, who are full of love of country and nation and who, in the guidance of reason and science, walk fearlessly and tirelessly on the way to carrying our country beyond the level of contemporary civilizations, assume a significant role in preventing the abuse of our children by terrorist organizations such as FETÖ-PKK-PYD-YPG-DAESH and preparing them for the future by keeping them away from all kinds of bad habits.

I believe wholeheartedly that our self-sacrificing teachers who are enlightened with our Head Teacher Atatürk’s statement “We need two armies to bring our country and our society to the real target and the real happiness. One is the army of soldiers which saves the life of the homeland and the other is the army of education which gives shape to the future of the homeland. Both of these armies are valuable and supreme.” shall learn lessons from the treason of 15th July and raise our youth as generations “with free thought, free conscience and free knowledge” and that they shall continue the struggle against ignorance with determination.

The future of our country will be much brighter with the torch of education lit by our teachers who work with the superior sense of responsibility in every corner of our homeland; our respectful teachers from now on, as has been until today, shall continue to be the architects of our future.

Thus, I remember with mercy and gratitude our Head Teacher Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, all our martyr teachers who gave their lives for the sake of homeland, nation, flag and duty, all of our dead teachers who contributed efforts in bringing our country to these days and raising all of us, and I congratulate 24th November Teachers Day of all esteemed educators primarily of lecturers, instructors and teachers who work in the cadres of the Ministry of National Defense and I wish them success and happiness.